What is the purpose of the service of Go! GNSS?

We believe that Go! GNSS can be applicable to various researches and development. We want to contribute to all organizations from universities to enterprises by offering precise and accurate GNSS data.

Who manages to Go! GNSS?

Go!GNSS is managed by the National Space Policy Secretariat, The Cabinet Office of the Japanese Government.


What is MIRAI?

MIRAI provides worldwide real-time GNSS data and its archive data. These data are available for download on this website.

How can I get the details/specifications of MIRAI?

You can read about the system and the specification of MIRAI from here.

Where can I read privacy and policy?

You can read the privacy and policy of Go!GNSS from here.

How can I contact GO!GNSS support office?

Please contact us from here.

Can I add a reference station that is not supported by Go!GNSS?

Please let us know from the contact form, yet we cannot guarantee whether we can add the information from the station that you inquired.